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We're currently establishing contracts with winemakers for the 2012 harvest.

This year we will be selling fruit from Bald Mountain Vineyard and our new Nora's Vineyard in addition to our other vineyards. Demand for these two is high, so contact us soon if you're interested.

About our Vineyards

Bald Mountain Vineyard – Bonny Doon California:
Bald Mountain VineyardThe largest vineyard in our collection, at 38 acres. It’s also the largest vineyard in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The sandy soil and cool weather scream for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Just 9 acres of prime vineyard real estate are given over to Pinot Noir and these old world style wines produce heavily fragrant juice that exudes delicious cherry, vanilla and cola tendencies.

The rest of the vineyard is dedicated to  award-winning Chardonnay- The Beauregard Vineyards 2006 vintage won Best White Wine in Santa Cruz in a commercial judging competition.

Harmony is everywhere. The rolling hills of the vineyard are lush with wildlife and native plant species. And the circle of life, growing, pruning, harvesting, living and breathing – is contained in the Bald Mountain. The wines made from this vineyard are stocked with character and total terroir expression.

Meyley Vineyard, Bonny Doon

Named for the matriarch of the Ley Family of Bonny Doon, this vineyard was planted in the early 1980s. Located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, in the Ben Lomond growing appellation this vineyard is a poignant expression of the appellation. It is grown in the exact same manner as Bald Mountain, yet has its own unique flavor that can only be explained by the terroir of the land. This vineyard has been highlighted in the Wine Spectator numerous times by several wineries, and continues to produce some of the best fruit in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Meyley boasts 12 acres of Chardonnay (Clone 17) from the Robert Young Winery. The wines themselves are characterized by voluminous mouth feel, tropical pineapple, Madagascar vanilla and key lime blossom flavors. Silky textures and exotic flavors make for a perfect pair with hot, sunny days spent out of doors. Clone 17, an original Burgundian vine stock was developed by the Young Family in Alexander Valley, California. This clone is reputed to produce some of the most distinctive Chardonnays in the world.

Brown Ranch
2010 will be the first crop from these 3 year old Pinot Noir vines.  More information is coming soon.